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We can proudly present our participation as a watch expert and buying guide advisor for the magazine Business Traveler. The business traveler can be found at our four major airports and in the state-owned railway company SJ's business class. The article is about how to choose the right wristwatch when you face your next clock purchase. We guide the reader into the basic questions and things to consider when purchasing a wristwatch.


Choosing and buying a watch is a very personal and in many cases important decision. A wristwatch is meant to be used as much and long as possible. If you do not like your watch, you will not use it, and both money and time will have been wasted.


In the interview, we were given the opportunity to straighten out some question marks about how to think when buying a wristwatch. Some basic things to consider are: Color, shape. Size, material, water resistance, bracelet and style of the case. Our tips and advices do not cover all tastes but we have chosen the best tips based on our experience and passion for watches.



Buyer's Guide Watches - How to buy the right watch, Söner by Sweden guides you




Wearing a traditional watch on your wrist has not filled a major function for many years.
The watch is on our phones, in front of us on the computer screen, and all around us most of the time. But wearing a wristwatch is both a nice accessory and a symbol for who we are.

“The idea is of course to wear your watch as much as possible. Therefore, the most important thing when choosing your watch is to really feel that enjoy it. Therefore, make sure you invest time in really thinking about what you want, to what occasions—such as every day or party—you intend to use your watch, also think about what you want the watch to say about you as a person, "says Freddie.


Freddie started his own watch brand after years of trying to find the perfect watch for himself. A watch where style, function, and price are balanced. "I didn’t want to compromise on my requirements, and as a man I do not wear so much jewelry and as for a watch you should be able to wear it every day, that's why I wanted to find the right one for me.”


Freddie Palmgren believes that a wristwatch reflects your taste, who you are, and what you consider to be important. That's why you should consider everything from price, function, and color to style, size, and bracelet look. During Freddie's own design work, he asked himself even more questions, like how the housing, dial, and the hands should look and what price level was reasonable. This meant that during the development of his watch he gained a good knowledge and insight into what the market offered and what it lacked.

"For me, the message/image that a watch sends out has become more important, and today I have a different opinion about my watch's appearance than I did 10 and 20 years ago. I have matured as a man and it affects what type of watch I want to wear.”

If the choice of your watch is based on a thoughtful decision, chances are that you will enjoy it more, and therefore it will be used and carried for a long time. Then you can also invest more money in the purchase. The more you use it, the more affordable the watch becomes. The cost divided over the number of years you think you will wearing it shows if your watch is affordable over time or not. Freddie tells us that the maximum price for a watch is around 300-400 dollars for the vast majority of people.


Most people choose their watch after their own outer appearance, such as clothes and hairstyle, but there are also practical details to consider. For example, what environment do you work in, do you work in offices, as carpenter, or teacher? Does the watch need to be durable or do you wear a suit every day?

“For example, is it okay that the watch does not slide under the cuff on the shirt or do you want a watch that is slick? Then it's important to weigh in details like the height of the watch or choose a model that has a curved back.”
It's these kinds of details that influenced Freddie’s designs.


How should I think regarding the size of the watch and my wrist?
"There is an unwritten rule of thumb that says that the watch-case itself should never stand outside the wrist. The minimum size is more about taste. Today, the trend is bigger watches for both men and women. As a rule, the bracelet should fit the color and style of the watch, regardless of whether you prefer leather, plastic / rubber or metal bracelets.




The business traveler is Sweden's largest and oldest magazine for business travelers. The magazine can be found where business travelers are located. For example, Sweden’s four major airports, in the state-owned railway company SJ's business class and at several restaurants along Sweden’s major roads. The magazine addresses issues that are important to everyone who travels at work - that facilitates, economizes, and adds an extra season to business travel.

To keep in mind when buying a watch - Söder by Sweden's guide to buying a watch

The business Traveler nr 5 2017
(You will find us on the pages 82, 83 & 84)


Note, the text has been translated from Swedish and may therefore been slightly altered.


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