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Interview in exclusive magazine

We are both proud and happy to have been featured in the magazine Sturebadet nr 17 2017. The magazine is an exclusive coffee table book for the esteemed bath house Sturebadet’s members and visiting guests for extending the experience of the bath house.

In a personal interview, Söner's founder Freddie Palmgren tells us about the journey of creating his own designer watch label for men.


SÖNER BY SWEDEN is the new watch brand founded by the entrepreneur Freddie Palmgren and has been named after his two sons Widar and William.

Söner by Sweden is a niche watch brand for men who appreciate high quality and elegant, but above all, rectangular watches, says Freddie.

"I've always had a hard time finding a wrist watch that feels right. I’ve always had to make one compromise or another. If it isn’t the color, shape or dial, it’s the movement, water resistance, or the lack of essential features such as sapphire glass or luminous details. And when I do find something I really like it was the price that ruined it for me. With Söner, I wanted to create the watch I have been searching for but could not find. A watch that you do not have to compromise with. That's why almost ten years ago I started to sketch out my own watch brand."


Legacy - the first collection

"It is a reminder of all things that is inherited by future generations, to which for example my sons belong. A red thread goes through the company name and the first collection.”

"The goal of the Legacy collection is to offer the market a well-designed and unique range of men’s watches, but also to give the customer different design choices. Söner By Sweden's slogan is, Style is Personal and it is out of that you can choose between a classical and roman dial, gold plated or steel plated, and brushed or polished metal. The genuine leather bracelet is available in black or brown with Söner's seal embossed on the leather.”

Watch collection Legacy from Söner is masculine and minimalistic

"To me it is important that the watch reflects the person's personality. A wristwatch should reinforce the image of who you are. The options make that possible. Legacy is designed for the conscious man who goes his own way and has his own style. "


Quality, quality, quality

Freddie emphasizes and comes back several times during our conversation to the importance of quality: "In order to create first-class and accurate men's watches, it requires first-class components and details."

Men's watches with high quality and rectangular design - Söner by Sweden

Freddie describes the process of choosing the movement and how long it took

"After a lot of research, the selection finally landed on a Japanese quartz movement from the renowned watch movement company Miyota. Miyota is renowned for manufacturing quality movements made to last a long time and maintaining high precision. It was the only company that met all our requirements. "


How do you look at the future and sales volumes?

"I do not look at my business as many others may do. I do not have specific targets on margins, sales goals, market shares and profits, and if I'm honest, I do not care either. I do this because I love the watch as the coolest and most elegant accessory a man can own. My conviction is that there are more men than I out there looking for a nice, elegant and unique wristwatch, something that stands out. And especially, without having to live on noodles for months to afford it. "


Söner By Sweden will never make a round men's watch

"Söner by Sweden is inspired by challenging common norms and trends."

Freddie tells us that Louis Cartier is a source of inspiration in the way he challenged the round pocket watch and developed the world's first men's wristwatch in the early 20th century.

"In the same way, we challenge Söner By Sweden's current watch norm by offering only rectangular men's watches. And so far, we have received an incredibly positive response from both men who want them and from women who want to give away a Söner as a gift. "


Men's watches - Swedish design and Japanese quality - Buy a Söner today


The batch house Sturebadet dates back to the late 1800's. Sturebadet has a long and fascinating history. The doctor and renaissance man Carl Curman established Sturebadet, which was opened in 1885. Today it is a recreation site and meeting place for lots of people.

Great interview about men's designer watch brand Söner by Sweden in the exclusive magazine Sturebadet

Magazine Sturebadet nr 17 (Swedish) 
(you find us on page 48 and 49)


Note, the text has been translated from Swedish and may therefore been slightly altered.


Men´s quartz watch with leather strap from SÖNER