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Söner featured in voyage

We are incredibly proud that we have been featured in the exclusive lifestyle magazine VOYAGE. In the July / August Swedish issue we are featured in a personal interview about the history of Sönder and why we only manufacture rectangular watches for men.


The hunt for the perfect watch

The story of Söner by Sweden began about ten years ago. Tell us what happened!

"I was looking to buy my first more expensive watch. My budget was about 500$, which for me was a quite decent amount of money. After months of searching I hadn’t found a watch that I really liked. There was always something that I had to compromise with, either it was the functions, the design or the price that ruined my purchase.

- That's when the idea struck me: What if I design my own watch? That way I don’t have to compromise. After many years of work, I’ve now launched my brand Söner by Sweden. A rectangular, high end watch that the most of us men can buy without having to eat noodles for months.


Söner by Sweden is marketed exclusively to men - why?

"Simply because men are the customers I understand." The watch is an obvious part of the man's attire, a nice detail that also says something about his personality. Whether he is looking for a dress watch or a nice everyday watch, he will find it with us.


What separates your watch brand from many others is the rectangular design. Why did you choose it?

- It is more elegant and expressive - and in my opinion more masculine than the round. Simply put it has more character.

- At the same time I like to challenge the 100 year old round shaped world domination. Thus, wearing a Söner by Sweden is also a small statement.


Tell us about the name!

"My goal is to create men’s watches that will last for a long time, a watch that can be inherited—as to my sons Widar and William. That's why my first model is named Legacy.

  What has been the biggest challenge?

- Without a doubt finding suppliers that can deliver according to our high standards of quality, function, and design.


How have the watches been received?

- Beyond expectation! I was unsure how the market would respond to a rectangular watch made only for men. And it's funny, many who buy our watches are women looking for a nice and unique gift for their men!


How do you look at the future?

- With curiosity and joy. It will be great to see where Söner is heading. A little naïve, but I live with the belief that if I like the watches there are probably a few other men around the world who also do too. At least enough so that we can continue to develop the brand, with more models, shapes, and features.

Men's watch brand, Söner by Sweden interviewed in lifestyle magazine Voyage


VOYAGE, reach both business and private travelers. Studies show that the majority of travelers spend 90 minutes at the airport before boarding and departure. Therefore, we have chosen to distribute VOYAGE at the Swedish airports. VOYAGE is a lifestyle magazine, always with an exciting and up-to-date profile on the cover. In addition, we offer a wonderful mix of reports, featuring both Swedish and international trends in travel, watches, jewelry, fashion, beauty, motor, food, art and interior design. The goal is that the magazine should accompany the traveler.


Exclusive watch brand Söner featured in Voyage - Stylish men's watches from Sweden

Swedish Voyage juli/augusti-issue 2017
(Find us at page 97)



Note, the text has been translated from Swedish and may therefore been slightly altered.


Men´s quartz watch with leather strap from SÖNER