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We are very proud to be featured on the largest meeting place for e-commerce in Sweden - E-handel.se.

In a personal interview, our founder Freddie Palmgren talks about his view of the watch world and Söner's journey to become a Swedish Designer watch brand for men.



The author, manager and entrepreneur Freddie Palmgren start selling his own watches on March 31st 2017.

Following Filip Tysander's success with Daniel Wellington, there are many who want to try to sell watches online. One of them is Freddie Palmgren, who owns the e-commerce SonerbySweden.com. He has been working on his watch brand for ten years, and started working on it actually before his successful competitor. On March 31, it is finally time to start the sale.

"It's exciting and fun to see that watches are trending again. It's good timing, says Freddie Palmgren to Ehandel.se.”

With Söner by Sweden, Freddie thinks he has found a unique niche. The watches Freddie Palmgren will sell will first be rectangular, not round as most of the others, and, secondly, only target men, especially men aged 25-55 years.

- I'll never design watches for women. It’s men I understand. I know that target group.

The watches will cost a few thousand pieces, which is a well-balanced sum.

- I'm trying to design a watch of really good quality that also looks good, but at the same time you should not have to eat noodles for a month to afford one, explains Freddie Palmgren.

It was in the mid 90's when 25-year-old Freddie Palmgren made entry into his working life, that he noticed that the appearance of things like clothes, cars and, in general, watches, play a role in how a person is perceived.

- I've always found it hard to find a watch that I really like. There is always something you have to compromise with.

And now Söner By Sweden's sales premier is close. However, the company's website has been up since June last year with the possibility of pre-ordering, and the upcoming store has already received some media attention.


Why do not you start selling right now?

- It's really about search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing. By giving the e-commerce site a long head start, I have been able to create interest and establish presence. So, it's for purely promotional reasons.

Although Freddie Palmgren also runs other companies, including a consulting company engaged in business development, his dream is to be able to live on his watches. Söner by Sweden's first watch collection has been named Legacy and Freddie Palmgren describes it as leaving something for the future generations.

- I think many of us need to be a bit more long-term in what we do," he says.


What are your ambitions with your watch brand in the coming year? How much will you sell for?

- I have no forecasts, I may be a little naïve but I think if I've made a watch that I really like, maybe there are at least a thousand people out there that also like my design. And in that case, it will work fine. 


Note, the text has been translated from Swedish and may therefore been slightly altered.


Snygg och stilren herrklocka med läderarmband från SÖNER