Söner by Sweden

Quartz movement - reliable & precise


When we chose clockwork, we did it on the basis of some criteria which includes, accuracy/precision, stability, durability, maintenance, repair availability, environmental friendliness, how well established & credible the supplier is and the right price.

We finally chose to use a quartz movement for our men's watches. Quartz movements are both more stable and more accurate than traditional movements. Quartz watches are designed to last many years and are not affected by magnetism.

 If you're not a pundit, then you'll probably choose a quartz watch since they are accurate, resilient and come with a lot of extra features that other traditional timepieces cannot replicate.

Slick mens watch with classic design - Söner by Sweden


After a long search, we found the movement that corresponds to our idea of ​ men's watch. Robust and accurate, but at the same time well designed and beautiful.

Our well-designed watch-case are all fitted with Japanese Miyota movement. Together the case and the movement form a harmony of function and style, all according to Söner by Sweden's philosophy.

The high-tech, Japanese company Miyota workhorse is one of the world's most widely used and proven movement. Also, the movement has an incredibly good accuracy, with an error of only a few seconds a month. This is in comparison with for example a certified Swiss watch that is allowed to lose several seconds per day. Our movement also has a battery lifespan of three years, which ensures a hassle-free relationship between you and your men's quartz watch.


In a world where exactness and accuracy in keeping time often counts, there is no substitute for quartz watches.


Men´s quartz watch with leather strap from SÖNER