Söner by Sweden

Sapphire glass - only the best


This type of glass is the most durable and it is the most unlikely to shatter or to scratch. For us at Söner, it is important that our watch owners at least partially understand how the clock works. We are confident that when you as a customer know what it takes to produce a quality watch, you will value your Söner even more. That is why we are happy to share how our clocks work and how we develop our wristwatches.

Water resistant Mens watch - elegant watch for men - present for him

One example is the choice of sapphire glass. We are proud of this choice since sapphire glass is a natural detail of quality for premium wrist watch brands. Sapphire is second to diamond, the hardest natural mineral available. All Söner by Sweden waterproof watches has a super durable and scratch-resistant sapphire glass as a window to its interior. Sapphire glass is exclusive to use, but it gives some magnificent advantages:


It gives a great glow and sense of luxury
The glass is only available on quality watches
The glass is more water-resistant than other materials
Sapphire is the hardest natural material, second to diamond
The glass can be made thinner, which enables a low profile and a lighter watch
It is incredibly scratch-resistant which means the watch will look new for many years
Mens gold watch with leather strap from Swedish SÖNER