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Waterproof / resistant watches

If you require a durable timepiece able to withstand a dip in the pool, our extensive collection of waterproof watches can withstand depths of 50 meters and above!


Water-resistant is a common phrase stamped on the back of a wristwatch to indicate how well protected the watch is against the intrusion of water. The stamped phrase comes with an indication of the static test pressure that the watch has gone through during a leak test. The test pressure is indicated either directly in printing units such as bars, atmospheres (ATM) or more commonly as an equivalent water depth in meters (sometimes feet is used in the USA).


Specified test pressure and water depths stamped on the watch do not guarantee that the watch was designed for a repeated long-term exposure at the specified depth and pressure. For example, a watch labeled Water-resistant 30 meters is not expected to withstand water activities for a longer time even in a pool (not speaking of depths equivalent to 30 meters), something you can be deceived to believe. This is due to the pressure test being performed only once using static pressure on selected and newly manufactured waterproof watches.


Water resistant mens watches - SÖNER


Your Söner by Sweden waterproof watches is water-resistant to a pressure of 5ATM (50 meters). It means that you can do most normal water activities without having to worry about leaks or condensation. Your Söner by Sweden is a quality watch made to be used; you do not need to worry about forgetting to take it off for a swim. Our range incorporates robust, chunky chronographs packed with enough features to satisfy men.


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