Söner by Sweden


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An excellent watch

Elegant and aesthetically pleasing. A watch to look at even when you know the time, superb. First class service and well priced.

Good purchase!

Nice watch at a really good price. Received very good courtesy and service, as well as fast delivery. Can imagine shopping more.

Square Elegance / Watch

Så himla nöjd att jag köpte en klocka till.
Både elegant, snygg men ändå så manlig som man vill att den skall vara.
Manligt armband köpte jag till. Passar både till fest och till vardags.
Och nu har jag två, blir nog flera med tiden. SÅ HIMLA NÖJD!


très belle montre avec une réelle présence


As a "regular customer", the headline is enough - Looking forward to the new exclusive Momentum variant

Redigt nöjd!

Fast delivery! Fast response when I had questions. Very nice watch of course!

Basically completely satisfied

My impression was that the watch was slightly smaller / neater. A picture that gives a better idea of how big it is would be good.

Create purchase!

Really nice watch! Likes the rectangular shape and the nice color scheme of the case.

Excellent Watch

Good quality watch - I think a much smaller ladies version would be a big seller. However, this model still suitable for men and women who like big watches. I will buy again. Thanks - We need more watches like this.

Very nice and affordable watch. Delivered quickly and easily.

Fast delivery and everything is perfect!

Wow, what a watch

Fully satisfied!

Nice watch but one bracelet was a little hard to understand.

Nice and fast

Stylish watch at a really good price. Fast delivery.

Also suitable for women!

Can this watch fit a woman? Answer YES! ’Bought one with white dial and black strap. Gorgeous. And then I have two sons;)

High quality service 🌟

The service is phenomenal, quick responses and direct actions to arrange everything in the best way, and the watches make an elegant contribution to my clothing style🌟

Stylish watch at a reasonable price, with really fast delivery, 3 days after ordering, I had it on my arm.

What a servie!

Late with a present?
Then you should order at SÖNER. Damn what a fast delivery.
Grate! Wish other companies were this quick and stopped blaming Covid.
I was out in good time just considering that it might be the same here. But as I said; crazy fast delivery.
The watch itself is super nice. My husband will be very happy.
Can't help but recommend SÖNER.

Fast delivery. Satisfied with the watch.

Elegant, fits all cloths and incredibly stylish. Quality product 👌

Super nice watch

Very nice watch.

Our son received his watch as a birthday present. White dial and brown bracelet.
He is very happy and has also received comments from people who are interested in watches. "Nice watch you have".

Fast delivery and a nice watch


Stylish, original, affordable