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Inspired by the past, designed for the future

Few things say as much about a person as his watch. Some people just wear their watches to tell the time. For them, a simple wristwatch for less than twenty dollars is the right choice. But for the rest of us, a watch means so much more. For us, the jewelry on our wrist is a mirror of our taste, our personality, and our preferences. Wearing a SÖNER says that time is important and that I choose my timepiece with care.

Watch for men with style - elegant dress watch in gold for men - SÖNER

SÖNER was founded by Freddie Palmgren to challenge the status quo of round-dial watches and bring something that’s both original and truly timeless. Created as a tribute to his two sons, the brand captures the father-son bond which was first represented by the introduction of the LEGACY collection and showcased through its distinct logo featuring the initials SW and three dots which represent the founder and his two sons. SÖNER means sons in Swedish and reflects the founders strong belief in the importance of family and the idea of a watch that can be passed on to future generations.

Through high-quality timepieces that stand the test of time, SÖNER aims to create timepieces that can be passed on through generations - an idea that’s printed on the box of each watch - “
A man's legacy is the stories he leaves behind…
SÖNERs logo with its S, W and 3 dots

The carefully designed timepieces capture the essence of the 1920s art deco movement, inspired by the square and rectangular shapes that dominate architecture and contemporary design even today. From rectangular windows to screens, phones to doorways, each SÖNER watch is aesthetically inspired by the symmetry of quadrilaterals.

Inspired by the iconic JLC Reverso and Cartier Tank, our timepieces blend the best of art deco and modern watchmaking design to create something that is truly unique. The thick stainless-steel case with its beefed-up lugs pushes through the dominance of round shapes and challenges the world of fashion to embrace the square again.
Reinforced with a sapphire glass and powered by a reliable movement and available in vibrant colors, SÖNER watches are statement pieces that leave a mark wherever you go. The minimalist designs add the perfect amount of balance to your outfits and give it that sophisticated art deco charm.

SÖNER - Men's watches online - Elegant, minimalistic and masculine watches for men

Born on the Swedish west coast, our watches follow the Swedish tradition of design and quality, the same fantastic quality that has made Sweden known all over the world. Let the Swedish reputation for quality and exquisite design speak for itself. Our watches, with their elegant and radiant dials, are guaranteed to impress. Every watch tells a story and brings your outfit to life, showcasing true originality and a refined sense of style.

Stylish men's watches in rectngular design | Swedish design - SÖNER

It's crucial for us that you as a customer feel taken care of. That you are satisfied is our main driving force. Therefore, SÖNER leaves two-year warranty on all our collections for factory fault and material defects. As a customer, you always have the right to return your products within 30 days if, for any reason, you are not satisfied.

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So, if you are in the market for just that, you can rest assured that SÖNER has something for you. OUR WATCHES


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