Söner by Sweden

When Quality and Design Meet in Perfect Harmony

SÖNER BY SWEDEN (SÖNER) was founded by Freddie Palmgren on the Swedish west coast and is named after his two sons Widar and William. The name SÖNER means sons in Swedish and is a tribute to sons and fathers all over the world.
SÖNER is a watch brand for you who appreciate elegant and rectangular watches of high quality.

Some called me crazy during my chase for the perfect watch. I saw it as a passionate relationship to stylish watches.

During my many trips abroad, wrist watch stores have always been an obvious target. There I got inspired, discussed news, tried and sometimes invested in a new watch. Unfortunately, all too often I ended up compromising on something, I was never really satisfied. When I got invited to the private viewing rooms at the more exclusive brands, it was the price that was the obstacle. In shady shops in Asia, I was shown well-made bootlegs, but who wants to wear something that is not authentic?

Watch for men with style - elegant dress watch in gold for men - SÖNER

It was from these experiences that the idea of SÖNER was born. I wanted to design a watch that sets a new standard in the market segment, a wrist watch that i did not need to compromise on. Therefore, almost ten years ago I started to sketch on an elegant, minimalist, rectangular watch.

The goal was a watch out of the ordinary, with exclusive design, robust technology and high precision. Materials and technical solutions were chosen to secure a long and trouble free use. A watch that could be passed on to coming generations - Therefore my first model was named Legacy. A reminder of all that is passed down to future generations – Like my sons Widar and William.




The Legacy collection challenges over 100 years old dominance of round watches and breaking new ground with its masculine rectangular design. A form that signals sophistication and good taste. It is a watch for those who go their own way and are looking for a unique style.

The rectangular watch is an iconic design that we have refined with the help of modern production methods and materials. The Gold version, for example, has a thin titanium layer to protect the soft noble metal from wear. A small, but significant detail.

SÖNER - Men's watches online - Elegant, minimalistic and masculine watches for men


The case of our Legacy collection is milled from a solid piece of high-quality stainless steel. It sits comfortably on the wrist with its arched back and disappears smoothly under the cuff of the wearer's shirt.

The case is water-resistent down to 5ATM (164 feet) pressure.

The dazzling hands and dial is protected by sapphire glass. One of the world's hardest material that can only scratch with a diamond or sapphire.

Under the dial, there is a high-end precision Japanese quartz movement which guarantees many happy years of accurate time measuring. You can choose between two versions - classic or Roman - which refers to the dial design. The watch is available in stainless steel or gold.

Stylish men's watches in rectngular design | Swedish design - SÖNER


It's crucial for us that you as a customer feel taken care of. That you are satisfied is our main driving force. Therefore, SÖNER leaves two-year warranty on all our collections for factory fault and material defects. As a customer, you always have the right to return your products within 30 days if, for any reason, you are not satisfied.

Read more about our warranties and return policy.

So, if you are in the market for just that, you can rest assured that SÖNER has something for you. OUR WATCHES


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