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Our vision statement

The SÖNER watch brand was founded with a crystal-clear vision. To provide you with square/rectangular, high quality and stylish Go-To (everyday) timepieces that are blending modern features and material with classic design elements from the 20s and 30s Art Deco era.

SÖNER takes pride in being a highly customer-focused brand with genuine care for our customers, therefore being one of the most customer-focused and personal watch brands in the world is an obvious part of our vision. You will always feel recognized and cared for at SÖNER.


Made to be your Go-To watch

Most of us only purchase two or three watches in our lifetime. The one we reach for every day, the so-called Go-To watch. SÖNER's sole purpose is to be your go-to watch. With SÖNER on your wrist, you need only concern yourself with how good you look.

Regardless of the outfit or occasion, your go-to watch should always be comfortable and look stylish. Sophisticated enough to attract the attention of an enthusiastic watch lover, yet discreet enough not to overshadow an elegant outfit. Your go-to watch serves the wrist every day and is the perfect companion for every outfit. Designed to meet your everyday needs, it should be somewhere between flashy and subtle. This is the type of go-to watch we design at SÖNER.

Characteristics of our watches

At SÖNER we have a clear view of what defines a go-to watch. In addition to our distinct design and vibrant dials, there are three more aspects on which we will never compromise: All our timepieces, present and future, are designed to be versatile, comfortable, and durable.


From sports to fine dining, your go-to watch should look stylish in every situation. A watch that looks awesome with a suit or swimwear is a watch that you can wear every day. Our quick-release watch straps make the watch even more versatile by allowing you to change straps with a single click. All our timepieces are water resistant to 5 or 10 atm.


A big or bulky watch will not look attractive on the wrist. Similarly, something too

delicate would look out of place with any outfit other than elegant suit. Our timepieces are the ideal size, and our straps have a perfect fit and are adjustable to accommodate all wrist sizes. The back case of our watches is arched for enhanced comfort and a perfect fit under the cuff.


Durability, an essential feature that every go-to watch must provide. A case material and glass type that can withstand external challenges and are resistant to the environment are essential for your everyday wrist companion. We exceed this requirement by using high-quality stainless steel, also known as surgical steel and sapphire glass, which is extremely durable and scratch resistant. We offer ultimate satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Swedish quality

Composed on the Swedish west coast, our watches follow the Swedish tradition of design and quality. The same fantastic features that have made Sweden known all over the world for companies like IKEA, Spotify, Minecraft, Volvo, and H&M. Let the outstanding Swedish reputation for quality and exquisite design speak for itself. Our automatic watches, with their elegant and radiant dials are guaranteed to impress. Every watch tells a story and completes your outfit, showcasing true originality and a refined sense of style.

Inspired by the past, designed for the future

The Art Deco design/style is popular for a reason: it’s sleek, sophisticated, and elegant!

In the early days of SÖNER, founder Freddie Palmgren saw an opportunity to introduces a new style of watches that incorporate elements of the art deco era into his watches. Art Deco is a style of design that emerged in France during World War I and gaining worldwide popularity in the 1920s and 30s.

The Art Deco movement was a celebration of modernism and elegance. It was sleek and sophisticated, rather than extravagant. Now, a century later, art deco design is more popular than ever, especially in the watch industry. It’s out of this heritage that the watch brand SÖNER was born.

Geometric designs, which were the hallmark of the Art Deco era, lend themselves really well to watchmaking. The major characteristics of the Art Deco style include:

  • Heavy geometric influences
  • Rectangular shapes
  • Straight lines
  • Vibrant colors
  • Streamlined and sleek forms
  • Sunburst or sunrise motifs
  • Exaggerated curves
  • Hard edges
  • Stepped forms

Take a look at our watches and see how many of these beautiful design elements you can spot.

All our designs are influenced by that era. Both the Legacy and the Momentum have rectangular cases, with slightly rounded edges. The characteristic stepped case is reminiscent of Art Deco skyscrapers like the Empire State and the One Wall Street in New York. Our dials are clean and minimalist, with a radiant sunburst effect much like the Chrysler Building with its sunburst-terraced crown.

Art deco inspired watches from SÖNER


Fans of the art deco style have a lot to appreciate with our watches, where the past and the present meld into stunning rectangular timepieces.

Art Deco inspired watches like ours offers much more than just functionality, they are all small pieces of art designed to decorate your wrist. The elegance and minimalistic design of an Art Deco watch provide a remarkable contrast to all fashion watches and smart watches you find in stores todays, big, round and all alike.

Despite almost a century of evolution in style and technology, Art Deco remains one of the most easily recognizable, and beloved designs in watch industry. And we at SÖNER are not just carrying on the legacy, but ensuring that through modern engineering and design, watches of this style are accessible to watch lovers all around the globe.

The name SÖNER

Years ago, Freddie went out to buy a watch for himself and was disappointed to discover that most of the timepieces looked the same. To counter the dominance of round-shaped timepieces, Freddie purposely accentuated the rectangular casing.

SÖNER was founded by Freddie Palmgren on the Swedish west coast. The Swedish word SÖNER translates to sons in English.

Freddie captures the deep father-son bond by creating a brand that tributes his two sons William and Widar.

SÖNER - square watches onlineThis is also reflected in the logo. The two letters S and W are wrapped tightly into one another and stand for SÖNER and William & Widar respectively.

The three dots above the initials SW represent Freddie and his two sons.

Choosing the name SÖNER and designing a contemporary logo reflect the founder’s strong belief in the importance of family and the idea of a watch that can be passed on to future generations.

Freddie Palmgren - Founder of watch brand SÖNER
Freddie Palmgren - CEO/Founder

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