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Buyers guide to men's watches

When you want to buy a new men's watch, you'll always get confused on which one to choose!
Because there are many different types of branded men's watches on the market. Although that can make shopping for the ideal wrist watch overwhelming, this guide will help you determine the essential qualities and features before starting to look for a men's watch.
For instance, creating a list of needs followed by wants can narrow the selection of men's watches. The overall fit and appearance on the wrist are also important.
Here is a quick guide to the main four (4) factors that you should consider the next time you decide to buy men's watches.

How to buy a mens watch - 4 simple rules for buying your next mens watch

4 simple rules for buying a wrist watch

Few things say as much about a man than his watch. That is why purchasing a watch is such a personal and important decision.

The size of the case

The case need to fit your wrist perfectly
Too big and chunky will draw lots of attention, whilst a too slimmed down one will be more like a low key accessory than an eye catching statement piece. Too small, and your gorgeous timepiece ends up looking more like a women’s bracelet.

Water resistance

Water resistance is an important quality stamp on your men's watch. 5ATM means that it is ok to forget the watch on your wrist before taking a swim. 3ATM basically means that you can wear it in the rain but you need to be careful.

The price

Price is an important thing when buying your watch. Although many have a specific budget in mind – it is better to spend a little extra to buy a quality watch. The goal is to wear your new watch every day – And by that reducing the cost per wear to almost nothing.

The Style

The style of the watch is often the most important feature to the male consumer. There are numerous styles of watches on the market, including dress watch, sporty, ordinary and luxury. What statement do you want reflect with your watch?


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